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The unfortunate consequences of Brexit: the United Kingdom’s companies actively refuse to invest

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The unfortunate consequences of Brexit: the United Kingdom’s companies actively refuse to invest

The unfortunate consequences of Brexit: the United Kingdom’s companies actively refuse to invest
November 15
09:00 2016

Unfortunately, the consequences of the referendum on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union do not end with the weakening of the pound. Recently, a study conducted in the UK by CEBR (Centre for Economics and Business Research) has been published. The report was published in the edition The National. The figures can hardly be called optimistic. The experts’ assessment is clear: the majority of British companies have cancelled the decision to invest as the result of the referendum. And besides, the total amount of lost or postponed investments is equal to 65.5 billion pounds (about $ 82 billion).

The experts have interviewed the representatives of more than a thousand companies of the United Kingdom. The opinions were collected in the last week of October 2016. Brexit has had the greatest influence on investment decisions of companies, which are operating in the market of modern technologies and telecommunications.

Approximately 4 out of 10 large firms, half of medium ones and every third small company have evaluated the effects of Brexit as negative. The increased inflationary pressure is also mentioned as the direct cause of refusal of investment besides the weakening pound.

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  1. Alice
    Alice November 28, 15:39

    This is not surprising, because the negative consequences of Brexit still creep the market out. Emotions are running high, investors on edge. At the moment, the investors are trying to assess the real prospects for the financial market after the referendum. As far as I understand, a major nightmare for the financial markets is the threat of a further disintegration of the European Union after the Britain’s withdrawal from it.

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