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“Black Friday” in the United States: results in numbers

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“Black Friday” in the United States: results in numbers

“Black Friday” in the United States: results in numbers

Last Friday became a feast for all shopaholics and those who wanted to save money on necessary purchases. That day was called “Black Friday”. The experts from the First Data Company reported: retailers from the USA have raised sales by 9% compared to the last year. It is noteworthy that the growth of sales in online stores has amounted to 10.8%, while the “live” sales have increased by 8.6%.

The figures confirm: the customer’s focus is increasingly shifting towards online shopping.  The Americans have increased the average cheque, too. In 2016 the figure has amounted to $ 75.06, which is $ 2.22 more than for the same period last year.

Interestingly, the demand for electronics has shown the biggest growth. Due to the release of new gadgets, the consumers have made by 26.5% of purchases more than last year. This fact has led to an increase in stock prices of electronics companies.  Rishi Chhabra, Vice President at First Data Corporation is responsible for the analytics. He declared that they had analyzed the sales of more than one million stores (both conventional and online ones), so those figures fully reflect the reality.

As a reminder, the “Black Friday” is a day when the majority of Americans are engaged in buying gifts for the upcoming holidays. This tradition is gradually conquering Europe and CIS countries.

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  1. Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore November 29, 13:47

    By the way, “Black Friday” was invented in the last century as a way to take care of the nearest and dearest after Thanksgiving. Advertising and goods promotion were on the second place.

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  2. Elena Grach
    Elena Grach November 29, 14:47

    Maybe, this system works only in the USA and some European countries. Unfortunately, in most CIS countries it is not profitable to supermarkets to sell goods for a trifle due to the low solvency of the country. There is no benefit to sell something that is in demand, with a discount of more than 10-20%.

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  3. Daisy
    Daisy November 29, 15:50

    Yes, there are less and less people who still believe in the magic word “discount”.

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  4. Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore November 29, 18:49

    But the striking word “sale” deprives the women’s ability to think, compare and contrast prices. In some post-Soviet countries “Black Friday” is only for books, a series of children’s products and out of season clothing.

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  5. Taylor
    Taylor November 29, 19:54

    Really, the upcoming New Year holidays are crucial for the trade, as they provide the shops with 20 to 40% of annual revenue.

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  6. Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore November 29, 20:15

    Rishi Chhabra at First Data Corporation claims that people are shopping online more, but despite this fact the crowds of people continue to storm the malls.

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  7. Marlo Lennihan
    Marlo Lennihan September 19, 09:52

    Amazing post. Do you have any other ones you can deliver? I highlyrate this. 🙂

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