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Technical Analysis for 30/12/2016

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Technical Analysis for 30/12/2016

Technical Analysis for 30/12/2016
December 30
09:00 2016



The American dollar is giving up its positions. The currency pair EURUSD is turning back to the positive trading. The support is located at the level 1,0440 and stayed there.

Further, the currency pair continued growing.

The currency pair EURUSD is turning to the positive trading. The support is at the level 1,044, where it stopped.

Further the currency continued growing and achieved the level 1,0479. Before the start of the American session, though, the currency pair turned and lost some of its achievements.

The support is located at the level 1,0400, the resistance is located at the level 1,0450.

MACD is at the zero level. If the indicator turns in the negative zone, that would indicate the strengthening of the sellers` positions. If it does not happen, buyers will be controlling the market. RSI is in the overbought zone.




The British currency grew in comparison with the USA dollar.

In the market with GBP / USD the bullish mood prevails. The pound renewed its recent minimum at the level 1,2200. The recovery movement stopped at the level 1,2272. There the currency pair met the resistance.

The support is located at the level 1,2200, the resistance – at the level 1,2300.

MACD is moving downwards, RSI is going in the neutral zone. The next potential target is at the level 1,2200. Bears can still try this ascending impulse.




The US dollar is falling in price. The Japanese currency has stronger positions.

The currency pair USD / JPY drops below 118,00. Further we are expecting the fall of the currency pair till the level 118,00, 119,00.

The support is located at the level 116,00, the resistance – at the level 117,00.

If the trading session leaves the currency pair USDJPY at the same level, further there will the descending trend. Potential targets are 115,00, 114,00.

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  1. Igor Melovich
    Igor Melovich December 30, 15:11

    Those who earn on exchange rates can begin to get rid of the British pound. Perhaps, there won’t be a sharp fall, but the fact that the pound will depreciate has been proved by many preconditions.

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  2. Valentina
    Valentina December 30, 19:49

    MACD lets earn only when there is a sufficiently strong trend. When there is no trend, it is almost impossible to make money on this indicator.

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