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That happened. A cryptocurrency bitcoin was strongly criticized

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That happened. A cryptocurrency bitcoin was strongly criticized
September 13
09:00 2017

The newspaper Financial Times has published an interesting article, criticizing cryptocurrencies. The main attention is paid to the statements of James Dimon, Chairman of the Board at JPMorgan Chase.

Mr. Dimon stated that the cryptocurrency bitcoin smacks of sharp practice. As part of Barclays’ financial conference, Dimon said that it was not possible to make business out of the thin air. He also expressed his opinion that someone would certainly be killed and at that moment the regulators would see the problem.

The categorical executive director continued: “The cost of the bitcoin can rise to at least twenty thousand dollars, but the soap bubble will burst sooner or later. Cryptocurrencies is plain villainy.”

James Damon calls the existence of such “professions” as a drug dealer, killer or someone like that, as well as the presence of such countries as Venezuela, Ecuador or North Korea to be the only reason that justifies the existence of cryptocurrencies. Mr. Dimon says that in that case it is much more pleasant to deal not with US dollars, but with bitcoins. According to him, due to this, one can act, bypassing government regulations. He also notes that, of course, there is a market for such events, but it is limited.

It is known that at the end of 2015 one bitcoin cost 250 US dollars, and this year the price of the bitcoin is about 4000 US dollars.

Such an excitement is compared by analysts with a notorious story about bulbs of tulips. It happened almost 400 years ago in the Netherlands and ended in the collapse of the national economy.
According to the authoritative portal, today the bitcoin rate is fluctuating at around 3950 per unit. Capitalization has exceeded $ 65 billion. Against the backdrop of negative statements by the world class experts, some stagnation of the rate of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is expected.

The material was prepared with the participation of Andrey Majorov,
a leading analyst of the brokerage company CT Trade

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