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Daily news
Weekly surveys and analysis of the major events. A summary of the most influential events for the market. In-depth forecasts of future trends….
TV / Financial videos
Check your current and future opportunities with the most common economic indicators, reflecting the various aspects of economic growth and development….
Weekly news
The latest news in real time, watch for changes in trade events. Information about the most important movements of the market. Be aware of the most valuable information on the market….
Banking news
See the latest videos of economic news, politics and business that affect the price movements of trading tools. Get new knowledge with our video tutorials….
Real time news
The latest news on the decisions and policies of the major banks. Changes in current financial condition, as well as the factors that most influence the market movement….
Economic calendar events
Watch the market every day, to give information about the most important events that occur every day in the world….
Economic indicators
Every successful trader endowed with great willpower, developed techniques and different styles. To get started, try to understand the simple rules that give a novice to follow in the right direction, before diving into the depths of trade…
Business news
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