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The euro has fallen against the ruble at the opening of the session

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The euro has fallen against the ruble at the opening of the session

The euro has fallen against the ruble at the opening of the session
October 10
12:30 2016

On Monday there is an insignificant change in the US dollar at the start of the bidding process at the Moscow stock exchange. The euro has slightly fallen. The Russian currency has been stable against the background of differently oriented signals from the external markets.

On Monday the trading session on the US dollar started with transactions within 62,07-62,32 rubles. On the average, the exchange rate became equal to 62.26 rubles for the first a minute and a half. At the start of the trade the European single currency amounted to 69.55 rubles. The currency basket has fallen by 3.5 kopecks and became equal to 65.54 rubles.

At the same time the US dollar has found itself at a level that is 4 kopecks lower than the current official exchange rate. The euro is by 32 kopecks above the current rate.

Analysts at “Interfax-CEA” believe that the lack of clear signals from external markets have led to the fact that the dollar and the euro have slightly changed against the ruble. Investors are interested in assets in rubles and this holds the drop in oil prices.

Raw materials are falling in price during the Monday session due to the doubts that Russia will join the treaty among the OPEC countries regarding the reducing the oil production. Also, raw materials are falling because of the information about the new stage of the growth of the number of drilling rigs in the United States. On the London Stock Exchange the price of futures contracts for Brent crude oil for December has decreased by 0.7% to $ 51.6 per barrel to the beginning of the day.

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