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Intel vs Samsung: who is the leader in chip production?

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Intel vs Samsung: who is the leader in chip production?
July 28
14:00 2017

Financial reports came from the two largest electronics manufacturers in the world: Intel, the USA and Samsung, South Korea. Intel reports that for the second quarter of this year, the company’s net profit has risen to 2.8 billion US dollars (an increase of 0.58 US dollars per share). That means that the growth is equal to 111%, which surpassed analysts’ expectations. The company made a profit, mainly, due to the orientation of processors for personal computers. In part, this did not justify the expectations of the company executives who would rather quickly reorient the company to the Internet of things ( IoT) and the development of drones (cars).

The profit of the American Intel based on the results of the financial quarter (excluding one-time factors) was equal to 0.72 US dollars (calculated per share), which is 0.13 US dollars more than the figures of the previous year.

By business units:

  • The revenue of the Client Computing division increased to 8.2 billion US dollars (by 12%);
  • The revenue of the Data Center Group increased to 4.4 billion US dollars (9%);
  • The Internet of Things division showed the revenue of 720 million US dollars (an increase of 26%).

The adjusted forecast for 2017 has become the result of such an impressive progress. Now the analysts of the American company Intel expect the revenue of 61.3 billion US dollars; the profit is estimated at 3 US dollars per share.

Third-party analysts have estimated the future annual revenue of Intel in the figure of 60.22 billion US dollars; 2.86 US dollars in terms of one share.
Nevertheless, the American company Intel is no longer the world leader among microchip manufacturers. It was surpassed by the South Korean giant Samsung. In this segment, the income of the corporation with its headquarters in Seoul increased to 15.7 billion US dollars.
Despite the lost leadership, Intel’s shares showed an increase of 0.8% when bidding in New York. The tendency of increasing quotations is likely to remain.

The material was prepared with the participation of Andrey Majorov,
a leading analyst of the brokerage company CT Trade

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