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11.6 billion US dollars were added to the Japanese budget due to the privatization of Japan Post

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11.6 billion US dollars were added to the Japanese budget due to the privatization of Japan Post
September 25
09:00 2017

Recently, the Japanese Ministry of Finance has decided to place part of the shares of Japan Post Holdings for free sale. The authoritative Japanese financial publication Nikkei has published the information that the shares of the above-mentioned company were available to local and foreign investors. The price of each share was 1322 yen. This is 2% below the price, formed at the closing moments of the markets on Monday. This discount is not an accidental, but a planned action of the Ministry of Finance of the island state. Earlier it was assumed that the discount would be from two to four percent of the current market price. As a result of the partial sale of the package owned by the state, the treasury of Japan got 1.2 trillion yen. This is equivalent to 11.6 billion US dollars.

The company Japan Post Holdings does not deal exclusively with postal services, but unites various services to provide banking, insurance and, of course, logistics services. The company employs about 200 thousand people, which makes it the largest national employer.

This action of the Ministry of Finance has become the most significant for the last 18 years. Two years ago the capitalization of the company was the largest on a national scale.
Analysts of financial markets have noted a huge demand for the purchase of shares of Japan Post Holdings. According to some estimates, the domestic market has boasted that demand exceeded supply by 1.5 times. In the foreign market demand has exceeded the supply by half. The shares were sold out like hotcakes!

Such interest in the shares of Japan Post Holdings was a surprise for analysts, as it was assumed that due to the huge volume of placed shares, they would not completely disperse.
It is noteworthy that the investors- newcomers will have the right for dividends of the current financial quarter.

After such a large-scale placement, the shares of Japan Post have fallen in price by 1%. The company’s capitalization has decreased by 3.6% (from the moment of placing the stocks on the market). The stock index Topix has grown by 9.6%.

The material was prepared with the participation of Andrey Majorov,
a leading analyst of the brokerage company CT Trade

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