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The end of the seven-year patent war between Apple and Samsung

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The end of the seven-year patent war between Apple and Samsung
June 27
09:00 2018

For many years, we have seen the judicial proceedings between Apple and Samsung. The companies  accused each other of patent infringement, trying to limit the sales of a competitor.

The first claim was received from Apple. It happened in the spring of 2011. The company claimed that Samsung had copied the design and technology of the flagship model of the iPhone at that time. The court sided with the American company, obliging the Korean giant to pay compensation in the amount of one billion.

But this was not the end of the story as there were endless series of appeals and claims from Samsung. As a result, the fine was repeatedly reviewed.

In May this year, the court again increased the amount of payments to Apple by $ 200 million: from 399 to 539 million. We recall that the company Apple estimated the claims at 1.05 billion US dollars. Representatives of the South Korean giant offered to pay off $ 28 million.

Seven years later, both companies finally managed to agree. Judge Lucy Koh reported that the parties had notified her of the settlement of the dispute. The representatives of both corporations refused to clarify the terms of the agreement.

This war in some way has split the market into supporters of Apple and those who supported Samsung. The South Korean corporation has enlisted the support of such companies as Google Inc., HTC Corp. and LG Electronics  Inc.

Both Apple and Samsung are so large that the compensation payment is unlikely to have a significant impact on their financial results. Nevertheless, the patent war has had a rather serious (even if indirect) impact on the market of high-tech companies and, logically, on the US judicial practice with regard to patent law.


The material was prepared with the participation of Katya Gordon,
a leading analyst of the brokerage company CT Trade

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