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God! The pain! Burberry burned clothes and bags totalling 32 million euros

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God! The pain! Burberry burned clothes and bags totalling 32 million euros
July 20
09:00 2018

Have you ever thought what happens to unsold brand name things? Though we (Money-Investing portal) are a dab hand with quotations, forecasts and trends, but naively believed that labels were sent to the stock outlets after the end of the season.

Such shops are a paradise for trendies with limited finances, where they can re-stock their wardrobe with fashion at a considerable discount. But it didn’t work out! We realized how wrong we were when we saw the statistics from the BBC. It turned out that Burberry, a luxury British brand of clothing and accessories had got rid of their products worth 32 million euros during the past year.

The English are not the only ones who burn their goods. Many manufacturers of luxury clothes and accessories protect their brand in this way. It is believed that this saves unsold things from theft and resale for pennies.

By the way, in the last financial year, the English company burned 6% less things. Representatives of the concern assure the public that the process of recycling beautiful things can be considered environmentally- friendly, as energy was spent on the production of new luxurious things.


The material was prepared with the participation of Katya Gordon,
a leading analyst of the brokerage company CT Trade

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