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China said it was ready to continue the trade war with the United States

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China said it was ready to continue the trade war with the United States
May 08
09:00 2019

“People’s Daily”, a newspaper of the Communist Party of China, has published a bold statement, which states that the Celestial Empire will cope with any measures of the American authorities to increase import duties on goods.

The publication notes that the PRC has always been able to remain calm and prudence. The country is ready for the fact that it may face various difficulties during the negotiations with America.

Commenting on the situation with the negotiations of the states, Xinhua News Agency called the actions of the States “regrettable”, pointing to China’s readiness to continue the trade war.

Despite this, the agency also noted that the talks and a common solution were the best way to resolve the conflict.

According to the Ministry of Commerce of China, Vice- Premier Liu He “got his ducks in a row” for going to Washington. He is a key official of the Chinese delegation, whose visit is tentatively scheduled for May 9 and 10. The purpose of the trip is to participate in the 11th (!) round of the negotiations on a trade dispute.

The negotiations will take place against the backdrop of Trump’s statements about the increase in duties on goods from China worth $ 200 billion to 25%, starting on Friday. This decision was made by the American administration due to the fact that China wanted to revise the agreements reached during the negotiations.

The situation was commented by Robert Lighthizer. He noted that in the last one and a half to two weeks, the Chinese partners had shown a deviation from already formed and fixed agreements.

President Trump called the China deal “slow moving.” He does not want to concede and revise the agreements reached. In addition to the increase in duties, which was announced by the American president, he also said that in the near future, all Chinese exports would be imposed 25% tariffs.


The material was prepared with the participation of Katya Gordon,
a leading analyst of the brokerage company CT Trade

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