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Neteller, Skrill, and Bunq: Overview of popular payment processing systems

Neteller, Skrill, and Bunq: Overview of popular payment processing systems

Neteller, Skrill, and Bunq: Overview of popular payment processing systems
June 29
13:22 2020

Individuals and companies all over the world use payment processing systems to transfer funds, helping them manage their financials effectively. There are already many online systems available, with more being introduced and updated continuously thanks to the changes in the global markets and payment landscapes. Here we are going to look at three of the most well-known payment processing systems such as Neteller, Skrill, and Bunq. Learn about their features, benefits, and cutting-edge services.


Neteller, part of the Paysafe Group, is an online payment processing system that allows transfers of funds between merchants and their customers and is a common choice of provider for social networking or forex trading companies. Once you have a Neteller account, you can either transfer the funds to your traditional bank account or withdraw them directly to your Net+ Neteller card. Netteller is also one of the most popular withdrawal methods at online casinos, thanks to same-day transactions and quick money transfers.


Neteller payment processing system. Image source: Article by CardsChatNews.

What can you do with your Neteller account?

Once users sign up for a free Netteler account, they can make payments and money transfers online, buy and sell cryptocurrency, and improve their experience by getting a personalized Net+ prepaid Neteller Mastercard either in virtual or physical format and use it for their shopping needs. Make secure online and offline payments anywhere in the world.

Why do merchants choose Neteller?

Neteller app and website allows its users to enjoy many services and features to ensure reliability and high quality of the service. Neteller offers:

  • High conversion rates – there is no redirection of the customers, and all they need to pay is to enter their login and password.
  • Multiple currencies – Nettler app accepts 22 currencies under a single MID.
  • Set up recurring payments – it is easy to set up subscription plans for Neteller members and enable applying charges at a set interval.
  • No risk involved – all funds sent or received via Neteller account are indemnified and 100% secure.
  • Customer acquisition – increase your customer base in the emerging markets and high-risk areas.
  • Quality support – Nettler staff is always there to answer questions and resolve problems.

Cryptocurrency buying and selling

Now users can also buy and sell cryptocurrency directly on the Neteller platform. The payment system allows the exchange of 28 currencies and more than 100 other payment methods into the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, EOS, XRP, 0x, and XML, with more cryptocurrencies expected to be added in the future. All you need is to use the Neteller register button and enjoy buying and selling directly within your Neteller account.

Having the crypto buy & sell function within the platform allows you to exchange your currencies at competitive market rates in comparison to major cryptocurrency exchanges. When you buy and sell cryptocurrency via Neteller, your transactions are accumulated and counted toward your points to VIP status.

VIP memberships

Users of Neteller can join their VIP program and enjoy various additional benefits compared to a free Netteller account. VIP members can:

  • Use exclusive 24/7 chat support to get answers to questions or problems, including access to own VIP Manager to help resolve various issues.
  • Enjoy monthly discounts on deposit and withdrawal fees.
  • Save on FX rates for all transactions with currency conversion.
  • Accumulate reward points from every transaction that can be exchanged to cash later.
  • Send free money transfers anywhere in the world for Silver (and above) members.
  • Enjoy higher transaction and ATM withdrawal limits, and many more benefits that can be found on the program’s page.

Users can accumulate points toward a threshold for achieving a VIP status of a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond member and enjoy transfers between $10,000 and $2,000,000 per calendar year. They can also join an Ambassador program and receive revenue share from the transactions of referral contacts.

Register now for your free Neteller account.


Skrill, like Neteller, is a payment processing system previously known as Moneybookers and a part of the Paysafe Group. With Skrill Moneybookers, users can make free money transfers anywhere in the world, link bank accounts, and make online payments using login and password from the Skrill account. Skrill com is a choice of many merchants, companies, and individuals, thanks to a strong security team behind the brand ensuring the protection of funds and personal information.

Skrill logo

Skrill logo. Image source: Jumix.

How can you use Skrill?

There are many ways how you can use your Skrill account. Once you complete the Skrill register, you can send and receive money for free and make international money transfers, saving a lot on the costs you would pay otherwise. You can also use your Skrill com account to make online payments or order a prepaid Skrill card and use it anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. Skrill Moneybookers can be also used for online betting and gaming. Apart from that, Skrill sign up now offers buying and selling cryptocurrency within the payment platform, and you can always check the most up-to-date cryptocurrency pricing.

Benefits of Skrill over other payment systems

You can use your Skrill account and Skrill card for entertainment online. It is a popular payment system for online gambling, including online casinos, poker, sports betting, and bingo. Apart from that, Skrill com supports payments within online games, forex trading platforms, use at major cryptocurrency exchanges, and shopping, with many partner companies offering various discounts. For its business clients, Skrill also offers several advantages:

  • Single integration allows adding various payment methods to the retailer’s website and offers a quick way to capture payments.
  • Customers can use the Skrill account to pay without redirection and can save their account information for the future.
  • Instant free transfers allow for quick and secure payments.
  • Skrill com is available for most shopping cart providers.

Cryptocurrency buying and selling

All you need to start buying and selling cryptocurrencies is your Skrill account. Convert the funds you have into the crypto you would like, using over 100 deposit options such as your traditional bank account, bank card, or other methods. Buy your favorite cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate with instant trades (40 traditional currencies supported), secure payment options (over 100 total), and a choice of most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, EOS, Ethereum Classic, Dash, and more.

VIPs and additional perks

Skrill com offers several benefits that its users can join to earn extra cash. It has most recently introduced a loyalty program Knect, by joining which customers can earn points by making transactions and exchange those points for rewards like discounts, cash, and more. Users also have an option to become a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond VIP member and receive such perks as:

  • Fraud protection with money back guaranteed,
  • Quality support from the experienced staff members 24/7,
  • Multi-currency accounts,
  • Reduced transaction fees, and much more.

Skrill register also offers Ambassador and Affiliate programs for users who would like to earn extra cash from the part of the revenue generated by the transactions of their referrals.

Sign up now for your free Skrill account.


Unlike Neteller and Skrill, which belong to the same parent company, Bunq is a different platform, as it is not only a payment processing system but a virtual bank account. Bunq functions just like a traditional bank, yet it does not have physical branches, so all business is done online through the Bunq account and the Bunq app. There is a range of services offered by the bank, and customers can open various types of accounts like SuperGreen, Premium, or Travel and use them just like regular bank accounts, paying a monthly maintenance fee.

Bunq bank

Bunq debit card. Photo by YTCount on Unsplash.

How to use Bunq?

Once you sign up for a Bunq account of your choice, you can use it to send and receive funds immediately from your online account. There is no need to deal with physical bank branches anymore since Bunq bank is completely online. If you have ever heard about Monzo or Revolut, it is very similar to those platforms.

Why should you choose Bunq?

There are many benefits of using Bunq over traditional banks. Users who register in the Bunq app for a Bunq account can:

  • Send and receive money transfers – Bunq customers can easily send and receive funds anywhere in the world just like they would with a regular checking account. However, keep in mind that Bunq bank only operates within Eurozone countries, so you can only use euros. You can fund your account via cash deposits, bank transfers, or card transfers.
  • Use Bunq card for your shopping needs – Bunq offers a Green Card and a Travel Card, both working anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. You can shop online and at physical stores, withdraw funds from the ATMs, make foreign transactions at no fee, and save the environment since Bunq cards are made with sustainable materials.
  • Transfer internationally – make same-day international transfers via the Bunq app.
  • Manage your savings – use various in-app functions to save more.
  • Earn interest – Bunq bank offers an interest rate on your savings at 0,27%, which is 9 times higher than at other banks.

Additional perks

If you want to try out the service, Bunq bank offers a free 30-day Premium trial so that its customers can decide whether managing all their finances online is fitting for them. Another perk of using a Bunq account comes with its game aspect – customers can join a game with their friends to create a tribe and plant trees together, thus contributing to the green efforts to save the planet.

It is also up to customers to decide how the bank invests their funds, whether it is in government bonds, ECB, green companies, or other financial institutions. Besides, there is no spending fee abroad, so compared to traditional banks, the Bunq app allows you to save up to 3% when making transactions abroad.

Register now for your Bunq account.


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