7 websites to stay up to date with stock market quotes & financial news

7 websites to stay up to date with stock market quotes & financial news
September 10
15:23 2020

Avid investors and traders always make sure to stay on top of the latest stock market quotes & financial news. There are multiple websites on the web containing comprehensive information on economies and markets worldwide. Checking out news across multiple platforms is the best way to be the investor you want to become. Here we provide an overview of the features of the 7 well-known and most comprehensive market news websites similar to Money-Investing.com.


Investing.com is a comprehensive website for those who want to keep up to date with the latest financial news and updates. Right from the main page, the users can find the most current graphs from stock markets and cryptocurrencies updated in real-time. The site provides stock market quotes & financial news. There is a wealth of information about indices, stocks, ETFs, commodities, currencies, funds, bonds, certificates, and cryptocurrency.

Apart from that, the readers can find the latest financial news on Forex trading, stock markets, and economic and technological developments. The website also provides real-time graphs, as well as market and technical analyses. Investors can find useful various tools and calendars, such as currency conversion tools or Fibonacci calculator. For users just starting out in trading, Investing.com also provides an educational platform with articles and webinars. There is also a premium feature that provides unique market insights for the investors. It is available for free with a 14-day trial.

7 websites to stay up to date with stock market quotes & financial news


Bloomberg.com is a more news-focused website, although investors can also find anything they need there. Readers can receive updates on the major events happening around the world. In particular, this concerns the coronavirus pandemic. Featured are also updates on politics, entertainment, wealthy individuals, business, technology, markets, and cryptocurrency. Investors will find it helpful to learn the latest from the market news, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, FX, ETFs, and crypto. It is easy to check the market graphs updated in real-time.

With quick links at the top of the main page, readers can access any market graph in real-time and search for the quote to make things even faster. Besides financial focus, Bloomberg also covers the news from other spheres of life. Users will find the latest updates from technology in the US and worldwide, US and global politics, climate-friendly initiatives, and more leisurely articles about travel, home, or style. With a paid subscription, readers receive full access to all content on the website and newsletters. Currently, there is a limited-time offer for the subscription, with the first three months priced at $9.99.


For investors looking for stock market quotes & financial news, another great web resource is MarketWatch.com. There are latest updates from financial markets and businesses across the US, Europe, and Asia. Avid traders and investors will find plenty of articles on the market situation, investing, personal finance, retirement, real estate, and the world economy and politics. All the market graphs and charts are updated in real-time.

Readers can view the latest market updates from different parts of the world. There is currently coverage for the US, Canadian, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and emerging markets. Investors will also find helpful the abundance of information on investing in stocks, bonds, ETFs, futures, cryptocurrencies, and much more. The website has a signup feature that unlocks watchlists, virtual stock exchange, and comment posting. Apart from that, it offers several free and paid newsletters.


It would not be fair not to mention the Wall Street Journal when talking about financial news. The WSJ offers a Markets section with the latest in stock market quotes & financial news. There are updates from all over the world, including coverage of American, African, Asian, Canadian, European, Latin American, and Middle Eastern economies. The US section also provides coverage on the economy, law, politics, and NYC.

Investors can find real time updates from bonds, stocks. commodities, futures, mutual funds, ETFs, and real estate markets. There is also a section on personal finance where readers can find tips for managing their assets. The website offers a subscription service for the users to receive unlimited access to articles, podcasts, and information about events.

7 websites to stay up to date with stock market quotes & financial news


A well-structured website for avid readers of financial news is FinanceMagnates.com. Readers will find stock market quotes & financial news here, especially plenty of cryptocurrency coverage, such as news, exchanges, coins, ICOs, regulations, and a learning environment. What is even more exciting is the latest from FinTech industries, including data, crowdfunding, algo trading, investing, and P2P lending. The website also provides live updates on the COVID-19 pandemic and a paid quarterly report containing financial market insights.


Nasdaq is a stock exchange based in the US. It takes the second place after the New York Stock Exchange by market capitalization of traded shares. Not surprisingly, users can find plenty of updates and information on stock market quotes & financial news on its website. Investors can find all they need to know about activity on stocks, funds, ETFs, commodities, indexes, currencies, futures, fixed income, and cryptocurrency markets. Quotes are available in real-time, as well as pre-market and after-hour updates.

The website also covers the latest financial news from economies worldwide. Those include market trends, large company reports, coronavirus updates, technology developments, and personal finance tips. Readers can learn about the most recent happenings in the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, commodities, earnings, governance, stocks, IPOs, and retirement. There is also an option to create an account with the platform and sign up for their newsletter.


Reuters might not be the investors’ top destination for stock market quotes & financial news, but there is still plenty to find out from its website. The platform provides real-time updates on stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities markets, along with market and financial news updates from around the world. There is also news on funds, dividends, earnings, and ETFs. The website also has multiple editions for many regions of the world, in case the investor wants to check the updates for a specific country.

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