Japanese firms are working on a blockchain-based media platform

Japanese firms are working on a blockchain-based media platform
September 10
07:52 2020

Several Japanese companies are working with blockchain industry professionals on a content distribution system and media platform powered by blockchain technology, Cryptonews.com reports. This project has received the name of the Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative (JCBI).

According to the source, the project consists of two parts. The first part introduces a blockchain-based media platform for the distribution of TV shows and other video content. On the other hand, the second part focuses on using blockchain for copyright protection of the shared content.

A similar initiative to the second part of the project took place last year in China. Copyright protection for content creators and writers was possible thanks to a database on the blockchain. There, authors could upload their work and receive a unique ID. In case of a copyright violation, this system allows content owners to simply download their data from the blockchain network. Thus, they can use the data as proof of ownership in court proceedings.

It is very difficult to prevent piracy or prove the original owner of work for something that is in public access on the internet. As a result, blockchain technology can become a solution for content creators such as artists or writers. Decrypt says that the owners of work can timestamp their product on the blockchain’s distributed ledger, and this will make the information public and prevent anyone from modifying it.

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