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The market of the financial investment can offer every trader a wide variety of contests and competitions. Their prizes are really temping.

For example, who wouldn’t like to get Lotus or Lamborghini? But you should remember that the trade is risky at the financial market. So, don’t hunt for the main prize.

All major brokers offer different contests for both demo and real accounts. For getting more detailed information, see the list below:


  • Are you confident in your abilities and want to take part in one or more suggested contests? Thus, you ought to fill in the form as detailed as possible. Give your full name, a place of residence, e-mail, etc.


  • Why should you register via the portal Commonly known, that some dishonest brokers announce the false information about the contest results. This is done in order to justify non-payment to the winners. The registration for the contest participation via the independent portals excludes such a situation. Pay attention that the broker has the right to ask any trader, who takes part in the contest, to pass the verification of the trading account. In practice this means that the applicant will have to provide a document for the identity on the broker’s request. Usually, it is a passport or a driving license. For the verification some other documents that confirm the applicant’s identity or the address may be requested, too. Take it seriously, as the participation in the contest with wrong data can lead to non-payment of the winning and freezing of the trading account.