Our Mission

Our Mission

Money Investing is a portal of an independent brokerage community that joined the efforts to make the information about financial markets available.

There is a paradoxical situation at the financial markets. On the one hand, there are some reliable brokers there and the traders who deal with them. Together they make a gold core of the market. On the other hand, there are a huge number of organizations which only simulate brokering activities, and their goal is to entrap the novices.

The team of the portal Money Investing is concerned about the situation being prevailed at the financial market. We believe that one of the reasons that an increasing number of novice traders become victims of unscrupulous brokers is the lack of reliable independent information about Forex trading and binary options in Russian.
Our mission is to provide traders with the trustworthy information about the financial markets, which can be available even for a newcomer. Also, our aim is to prove that the successful trading in the foreign exchange market and the binary options is not a myth but a reality.

We will be happy if our reviews help all the interested people to understand the complicated but amazing world of finance.

We believe that together we will make the financial market more forthright!

If you have questions or there is a problem with one of the brokerage firms, or you simply need a piece of advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.